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10kv Class SH15 Series Amorphous Metal Core Distribution Transformer


SH15 series amorphous metal core distribution transformers are the best energy-saving distribution transformers in the world at present. They save energy remarkably that their no-load losses are only 1/4~1/5 of the present products. They especially apply to the users of low load rate, such as the rural area and the developing region. In order to decrease SH15 series transformers’losses, to enhance their ability to withstand short circuit, their cores are made into single ring core or there-phase five-column core, their core clamps are made as frame structure with laminal sheet metal, their LV windings are foil wounds. With the application of these advanced technologies, their overall performance reaches the world top level.

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Technical Data for 10kV Class SH15 Series Amorphous Metal Core Distribution Transformer 

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TypeRating(kVA)Voltage CombinationVectorGroupLoss (W)No LoadCurrent(%)IMP. VOL(%)Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)Weight (kg)
HVTapping Range (%)LVNo Load LossFull Load  LossOilWeightTotalWeight
SH15-303066.36.61010.51113.2 ±2×2.5%or±5% 0.4or0.415orothersY, ynoorD, yn 11336001.74.01100×690×109 0130630
SH15-5050 438701.34.01190×750×11401 60710
SH15-636350 10401.24.01250×750×1160160750
SH15-1251258518000.94 .01320×810×1220190940
SH15 -16016010022000.74.0 1370×810×12202101050
SH15-20020012026000.74.014 10×810×13202301140
SH15-25025014030500.74.01490×810 ×13602601290
SH15-31531517036500.54.01520×820×1430< /td>2801500
SH15-50050024051500.54.01700×910×1440370< /td>1960
SH15-8008003807500< /td>0.34.51910×950×15004802730

The above parameter is only for reference as typical data, customer-made is subject to customers’ request.

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