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10kv Class SC(B)10 Series Resin-Cast Dry-Type Distribution Transformer


SC(B)10 series three-phase resin-cast dry-type distribution transformers are in conformity with standard of IEC726, GB6450, GB/T10228-1997, with features of low loss, compact and light weight, low noise level, damp-proof, anti-fouling, high mechanical strength, flame resisting, strong overload ability and low partial discharge quality. They are applicable to power transmission and distribution system, hotel, restaurant, commercial building, stadiums, chemical plants, stations, airports, offshore drilling platforms, especially to heavy load centers and places with special fire protection requirements.

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Technical Data for 10kV Class SC(B)10 Series Three-Phase Resin- Cast Dry-Type Distribution Transformer

600< td>4454
Type(Voltage Combination)VectorGroupInsulationLevelLoss (W)IMP. VOL(%)No LoadCurrent(%)NoisedB (A)Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)Weight(kg)
HVTapping Range (%)LVNo Load LossFull Load Loss
SC10-30/1066.36.61010.51113.2±2×2.5% 0.4orothersY, ynoorD, yn11LI75AC35orLIOAC31907004.02.243680×400×686300
SC10-50/102709904.02. 043690×400×686360
SC10-80/ 1036013704.01.843730×450×796500
SC10-100/10400 15704.01.844730×500×816
SC10-125/1047018404. 01.644780×600×950700
SC10-200/1062025204.01.445990× 650×1164950
SC10-250/10720 27504.01.4451020×650×1207 1100
SC10-315/1088034604.0 1.2471050×750×13201250
SC10-500/1 0116048804.01.2481140×800×14301850
SC10-630/101340< /td>58704.01.0501250×800×1500< /td>1900
SC10-1000/10176081206.0 0.8541400×960×16402750
SC10-1600/10< /td>2450117306.00.856 1560×960×18404000
SC10-2000/103320< /td>144506.00.6571680×960×1930 4800
SC10-2500/10400017170 6.00.6571720×1010×1950550 0

The above parameter is only for reference as typical data, customer-made is subject to customers’ request.

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