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10kv Class S13 Series Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer


Employing the three- dimensional triangle wound core structure, S13 series three-phase oil- immersed distribution transformers are featured by fewer loss, lower noise, attractive appearance, good performance, non-maintenance and long service life. Compared with S11 series transformers, their iron losses have been decreased by 25%, no-load current decreased by 60%~80%, noise level reduced by 30%~40%, which resulting in a remarkable energy saving performance. As a result, they find a wide application in 10kV transmission and distribution systems. Among the similar products, S13 series three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformers are characterized by high technology, high performance, environment reserving and energy saving properties.

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Technical Data for 10kV Class S13 Series Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

80< tr>< td>4.0< td>S13-315S13-400S13-16004.5
TypeRating(kVA)Voltage CombinationVectorGroupLoss (W)No LoadCurrent(%)IMP. VOL(%)Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)Weight (kg)MountingDimension(mm)< /td>
HVTapping Range (%)LVNo Load LossFull Load Loss
S13-303066.36.61010.51113.215203033±2×2.5%or±3×2.5%or±5% 0.4 Y, ynoorD, yn116000.284.0870×690×950 380400×400
S13-636311010 400.234.0940×735×10604754 00×400
S13-12512517018000.2 04.0900×790×1180638400×550
S13-25025029030500.17 4.01250×1020×13051190550×550
31534036500.164 .01270×1060×13901310550×550
40041043000.164. 01290×1065×14201520660×660
S13-50050049051000.154.0 1325×1100×14901760660×660
S13-63063058062000.154.5< /td>1410×1190×15802105660×660
S 13-80080070075000.144.51540×1270×16102410820×820
S1 3-10001000830103000.134.5 1750×1340×17502690820×820
S13-12501250980120000.124 .51830×1390×18103320820×820

The above parameter is only for reference as typical data, customer-made is subject to customers’ request.

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