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35kv Class S9 Series Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer


35kV class S9 series three- phase oil-immersed distribution transformers comply with the standard of IEC76, 

GB1097 《Power transformer》and GB/T6451《Technical parameter and requirements for three-phase oil-immersed power transformer》, both no-load loss and full-load loss are much lower, good quality C.R.G.O. core type, high-quality oxygen-free copper coil, good appearance, safe operation, widely used over the country.

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Technical Data for 35kV Class S9 Series Three-Phase Oil- Immersed Distribution Transformer

340< td>2020×1120×22001040< td>1230< td>800
TypeRating(kVA)Voltage CombinationVectorGroupLoss (W)No LoadCurrent(%)IMP. VOL(%)TotalWeight(kg)Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)Track Gauge(mm)
HVTapping Range (%)LVNo Load LossFull Load Loss
S9-50503538.5±2×2.5%or±5% 0.40.69Y, yn0orD, yn11210125018006.59001220×950×1710660×660 
S9-8080280 1800170010201220×1070×1770
S9-10010030020301700 11001220×1070×1800
S9-1601603802820150 013201810×1020×1930
S9-200 2004403300140015801990×10 20×2080
S9-31 5315610470012001793
S9-400400740 5700110022302020×1200×2290
S9-50050086069001000 24602040×1220×2400
S9-8008001000090035952365×1510×2365< /td>
S9-16 00160022001750060057602660×1600×2650
S9-20002000265 02000060060002670×1650×2730
S9-25002500280024500550 68302500×3000×2700

注:以上参 数仅为典型值供参考,可依据客户要求定做。The above parameter is only for reference as typical data, customer-made is subject to customers’ request.

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